Dororo (2019) Episode 9
The Story of the Mercilessness sub

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Aired 5 months ago
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u/IceKareem · 5 months ago
Itachi is a traitor AGAIN
u/Wyld-WolfDragon · 5 months ago
You know we all assumed gender here thinking Dororo was a guy until now xD
u/Origami · 5 months ago
ehh.... Dororo is a girl
u/MarlonDS · 5 months ago
Interesting, isn't it?
u/andreivan95 · 5 months ago
when the nun called Dororo a "Young Girl" I was like; WHAAT?!
u/KielbasaKing · 5 months ago
Wait Dororo is a girl..?
u/rtagubajr95 · 5 months ago
And there's our plot twist (for those who've never watched the old Dororo) but man I feel really bad for Dororo to have to witness that so young :
u/Axelblaxer · 5 months ago
NANI Dororo is a girl !! NANI
u/Hoodedbeastie · 5 months ago
That gender reveal....
u/Toxic_OutFit · 5 months ago
Well... that was unexpected xD
u/henlo · 5 months ago
this is backstory done right
u/BlackPanda · 5 months ago
Must be hard traveling with a young girl.....this whole time i thought it was a boy an acted like a boy smh
u/Thugga · 5 months ago
Abomination girls not supposed to dress like boys also opposite
u/Draigg · 5 months ago
During that time period it was much safer to be seen as a boy/man than as a female. No idea if that's why Dororo does it (probably not, because even as a child she did the same.) But to say it's an abomination for a girl to dress like a boy or the other way around is wrong. Sometimes the situation requires it, and even if not, it's the person's choice. If you don't like, that's on you.
u/ChopStickz · 5 months ago
Dororo best girl totally
u/mwilk27 · 5 months ago
NANIIIIIIIIIIII!!!! What a plot development!!
u/silveric · 5 months ago
Snif... I'm with you Dororo, even if you're a girl...
u/Hoan · 5 months ago
oly shet that was sad and cool
u/poodle · 5 months ago
u/jalenbrown591 · 5 months ago
i did not know dororo was a girl either
u/Dddsasul · 5 months ago
What was this WTF. The feel train derailed and hit me hard
u/JaneZane03 · 5 months ago
HA and he is after al a girl....I just know it.